Mission Statement: At Lanier Middle School, we provide a relevant academic curriculum in order to encourage students to become self-directed lifelong learners who are innovative problem solvers, effective communicators, open-minded thinkers, and caring participants in their local and global communities.






ACADEMIC CLUSTERS: In order to create smaller communities within Lanier's large school setting, all students will be assigned to a cluster. Clusters mean that a team of teachers (Math, Science, Reading, and Social Studies) share a group of students.

CONFERENCES: Arrangements can be made for parent conferences with individual teachers, and grade level administrators. These meetings must be prearranged and cannot be guaranteed on a drop-in basis. E-mail is the preferred method of initiating communication. A list of email addresses for the entire Lanier staff can be found on the website Teachers and staff will reply to e-mails with a 24-48 hour period of time. All visitors to the building must sign in at the reception area in the front foyer with their photo identification to recieve a visitor's pass. 

Grading System:

Parents must stay apprised of their student's grades by utilizing the Parent/Student Connect Portal. A link to register for the portal is available on Lanier's website (

Criteria for Grading Academic Subjects:

90-100            Excellent work quality; mastery

80-89              Good work quality; consistent effort

75-79              Satisfactory work; average

70-74              Work quality is below expectation

69 or below    Failing

Criteria for Grading Conduct Traits

E                     Excellent Behavior

S                     Satisfactory; cooperates readily

P                     Poor Behavior; below average

U                     Unsatisfactory Behavior

Note: Progress reports and the Parent/Student Connect Portal will give the breakdown of grades by categories and an overall average as a percent. The following categories/weights will be used in all classes at Lanier Middle School. Progress reports will serve as parent notification when signed and returned.

DELIVERY OF ITEMS: Instructional time will never be interrupted by the office staff for the delivery of homework, lunch, instruments, projects, etc. Parents may leave these items in the front foyer desk for the students to pick up during passing periods, lunch, after school, or may be placed in the appropriate teacher's mailbox at the parent's request. Please ask students to stop by the front desk to check for forgotten items during their passing periods. Office staff will not leave their post to deliver items.


  • Students will not be notified by school staff to pick up items from the front foyer.

  • No items or lunches will be delivered on State Mandated Testing days.

  • Delivery from any food service providers will not be allowed.

REPORT CARDS AND PROGRESS REPORTS: Every three weeks a Progress Report will be prepared and sent home with each student. Report card distribution is shortly after the completion of each 9 week grading period as noted on the official HISD Academic Calendar. Parents have up to date access to student grades through Parent Student Connect


  • The progress reports and report cards are to be taken home and shared with parents, in addition, parents are to sign and students are to return the original the next day.


Cluster Fee ($20.00)

  • The cluster fee is to cover expenses for enrichment activities including field trip buses and/or fees and activity supplies. The school or the district does not pay for field trip buses. 

LMS Cluster Parent Volunteer Form:

Definition of Categories:

  • Homework (10%): Independent practice that is assigned to be completed outside of the classroom.

  • Classwork (35%): An activity or task that allows teachers and students to identify the level of mastery of an objective.

  • Quizzes (15%): Assessments that cover a part of a unit and provide information to teachers so they are able to adjust instruction and implement remediation or enrichment.

  • Projects/Tests (40%): Assessments that cover a whole unit and determine a student’s mastery of all objectives in the unit.

  • IB Grade (Scale of 0 – 8 and weighted at 0): As an IBMYP campus, teachers are required to report out student’s achievement level using the MYP achievement rubric scale of 0 to 8.

  • Objective Testing (Weighted at 0): Assessments based on the district’s scope and sequence. These assessments are used as benchmarks to determine which objectives have been mastered and which need more support.


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